Networking the News

Last week I wrote about the Notable Names Database, an interactive network diagram that allows you to explore the connection between all kind of famous people. Of course you can do the same with stories in the news. Slade Magazine did exactly that. News Dots visualizes the connections between recent topics in the news as a giant social network. Subjects are represented by circles that are connected if they appear together in at least two stories. The size of the dot is proportional to the total number of times the subject is mentioned. Clicking a circle reveals the stories that mention them. Be sure to also check some other experiments in the Slade Labs of multimedia journalism (via).

Bacon and beyond

It’s a classic in network theory. The Oracle of Bacon illustrates the small world phenomenon by showing how each actor or actress within six steps is connected to Kevin Bacon. Now the Notable Names Database does something similar for all people (well, mostly American people) who have ever been noteworthy in one way or the other. The NNDB Mapper visualizes the connections between over 37,000 more or less famous people (via).