Bas Broekhuizen

Dashboard of Digital Live

2010-10-13 | Visualisatie

Before I decided to write a thesis about interactive infographics I wrote a research proposal for a study into the digital habits of online news consumers. The working title read: What are they doing online? The answer to this question is (at least partly) given by TNS. This custom research agency surveyed almost 50,000 consumers across 46 countries about their online behaviour and perspectives. The results of this Global Digital Life research project are beautifully visualized in a interactive dashboard that allows users to compare the internet penetration and digital lifestyles in different countries and between different generations. Some of the key finding: Globally, people who have online access have digital sources as their number one media channel and, on average, they are spending more time on social networks than on email. To be honest I find the interface more interesting than these results, so I’m glad I changed my subject.