Bas Broekhuizen

"Next Years Winner"

2012-10-08 | Visualisatie

Take one look at the laureates of the Information is Beautiful Award that were announced last week and you know the visualization community is as international and cosmopolitan as it gets. Winners are based around the world, from the United States (Stamen) and the United Kingdom (Peter Jeffs), to Germany (Moritz Stefaner), Italy (Michele Mauri), Denmark (Peter Ørntoft), and Australia (Trent Brooks), to name just a few.

Of course that is a very positive development. However… I must admit that I was a bit disappointed that the two Dutch submissions stranded in the longlist (MusicalNotes by Lisa Dalhuijsen) and the shortlist (Timemaps by Vincent Meertens). Fortunately, there will be new opportunities next year. To be sure there will be at least one Dutch candidate for a gold medal, I hereby would like to nominate Close Votes, the beautiful interactive on last month’s parliament elections in The Netherlands created by Jan Willem Tulp.